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NAU Adapter Q&A

Q. Does your computer have to be on for the NAU Adapter to work?
A. No. The NAU works as a standalone and does not need a computer to be on.

Q. Can you add more NAU adapters to the same network?
A. Yes. It is possible to add many NAU adapters to the same network. Each NAU will have its own IP address and will appear as another device on the network.

Q. Can the NAU be accessed by multiple users?
A. It can be accessed by multiple users. However, multiple users cannot access the drive simultaneously. A utility is included that will allow users to disconnect and connect to the device. The NAU adapter can be configured as a print server that allows multiple workstations to share printer simultaneously.

Q. Can a multifunction printer work fully with the NAU adapter?
A. Yes. Even a multifunction printer has printing, scanning, and/or copying capabilities, it is still considered to be one device.

Q. Is there software needed when using the NAU Adapter?
A. Yes. There is an Addonics NAU Adapter utility that needs to be installed. There is also another utility that is used for setting up the NAU as a print server.

Q. Can you connect a USB hub to the NAU adapter?
A. No. You can only connect one USB device at a time with the Addonics NAU adapter.

Q. Do you have to create a username and password for the NAU Adapter?
A. You are not required to enter any username and password when accessing the NAU Adapter. You can choose to set up a password by using the NAU web GUI.

Q. What Operating Systems does NAU adapter support?
A. Currently the NAU adapter is only compatible with Windows OS.

Q. Are there driver’s required for the NAU adapter?
A. No. There are no drivers required for the NAU Adapter.

Q. How is the NAU different than the NAS?
A. The main difference is that the NAU is a SAN (Storage Area Network) while the NAS adapter is a network attached storage device. More information about SAN and the differences can be found from the iSCSI Tutorial. When using a storage device, the hard drive would appear as a physical drive instead of in the network sharing.



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"The most interesting part of the NAU is that it's small enough to fit in your palm, weighing less than 2 ounces and operates at less than 3 watts."