1:15 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator

This 1:15 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD duplicator copies up to as many as fifteen (15) M2 NVMe SSD or any USB drive at one time. Comes with two docking stations and each equipped with eight (8) M2 NVMe - USB 3.1 adapters, the M2 NVMe SSD can be easily mounted onto or removed from the docking station without using any special tools. The docking station connects each M2 NVMe SSD to the USB port on the duplicator main unit. The duplicator can be used for duplicating USB flash, USB SSD or USB HDD. Each USB port is designed to provide adequate power to operate the M2 NVMe SSD or most self-powered USB storage device including most 2.5" USB hard drives.

There is no computer or software needed to run this USB NVMe/Flash/HDD duplicator. Simply attach the master USB drive to the source USB port and other USB drives into any target USB ports, press the copy button and the duplication process starts automatically. It is also a handy equipment for transferring content among M2 NVMe SSD, USB flash/SSD or USB hard drive.

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Installing the M2 NVMe SSD into the Docking Station


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 Supported USB storage copying options

  • Copy from one M2 NVMe1 SSD or USB drive to as many as fifteen (15) M2 NVMe SSD or USB drives at one time
  • Support following USB storage devices: M2 NVMe SSD, hard drive, SSD, flash drive
  • Each M2 NVMe SSD connects to the Duplicator via the two included USB docking stations. No special tool is required to mount or dismount the M2 NVMe SSD from USB docking station
  • Sixteen (16) 18" USB 3.1 type A - USB type C cables are included
  • Support the following flash media via optional adapters:
  • Standalone appliance, no computer or software required
  • Compatible with USB 3.1 / 3.0 / 2.0
  • Support any type of file format, including encrypted data
  • USB port provides power to self-power USB devices including most 2.5" USB hard drives (maximum power rating per USB port is 5V 1A)
  • Maximum transfer rate* ~ 35 MB/sec
  • Maximum drive size or media capacity  - 2TB
  • Drive sanitization options:
    • QUICK ERASE - erase the file system (applies to FAT32 only)
    • Full ERASE - set all the data blocks to 00 (this feature may not be supported by some flash media)
    • DoD OVERWRITE -  the duplicator writes a string of pattern onto each data block according to the specification in 5220.22-M, the DoD standard for drive sanitization. This overwrite process is repeated three times
  • LCM control module provides a rich set of robust menu options



1. The USB docking station supports M2 NVMe SSD only. M2 PCIe SSD is not supported.
The speed here is for reference only. The actual transfer rate varies depending on the speed of the source and destination media. 

  • Writing mode : Sector to Sector
  • Maximum transfer rate ~ 35 MB/sec
  • Duplicator
    • Sturdy metal frame construction
    • Sixteen (16) USB type A female connectors
    • LCD display with functional control panel
    • Low noise 80 x 80 mm high CFM ball bearing cooling fan
    • Integrated 150W 110/240 auto-sense power supply
    • size (W x L x H) ~ 7.48 x 10.63 x 6.5 in. (190 x 270 x 16.5 mm.) 
    • Weight: ~ 7.45 lb. (3.38 Kg.)
  • NVMe Docking station
    • Sturdy metal frame construction
    • size (W x L x H) ~ 16.14 x 4.92 x 1.18 in. (410 x 125 x 30 mm)
    • weight: ~ 1.31 lb (594 gm)
  • Operating environment: 0 - 50 degree C, 15% - 90% RH
  • Storage environment: (- 20) - 65 degree C, 0% - 95% RH non-condensing


UDFHNVM15 - (1:15 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator)

UDFHNVM7   1:15 USB Duplicator Enhanced main unit, two docking stations and each comes with eight (8) NVMe - USB 3.1 adapters, sixteen (16) 18" USB 3.1 type A - USB type C cable, power cord, quick user guide, and Compact USB Duplicator controller user manual.

Price: 2030.00


M2NVMU31 (mini M2 NVMe SSD USB 3.1 drive)
Content: mini USB 3.1 enclosure for M2 NVMe SSD, 12" USB C-C cable, SSD lock down brass pole, 3 mounting screws, user guide.
Price: 55.00
AAU3MUCF (USB 3.1 male A to USB type C female adapter)
Content: adapter to connect USB type C cable to USB 3.1/3.0/2.0 type A connector
Price: 5.99
AEMSU3 (Mini mSATA USB 3.0 Flash drive)
Content: Mini mSATA USB 3.0 Flash drive, 12" USB A - micro USB 3.0 cable, micro USB adapter, user guide.
Price: 29.95
ADCTEU31 (USB 3.1 / eSATAp CFast Reader/writer)
Content: CFast card Reader/Writer with eSATAp and USB 3.1 connection, 12" eSATAp - eSATAp cable (AAESATAP30C), USB 3.1 - SATAp adapter (ADU31ESP), 3 foot USB-A to mini USB power cable (AAUSB2-MIN3F) and user guide
Price: 59.00
AESDDNU3 (Mini DigiDrive IV)
Mini DigiDrive IV , one 2 feet USB 3.0 connecting cable, software driver CD, installation guide,
Price: 22.95
Content: Pocket UDD, 6-foot USIB-USB 2.0 interface cable (AAUSBC-309), user guide.
Price: 60.00
PU25EU3 (Pocket UDD25, eSATA/USB 3.0)
Content: Pocket UDD25 with eSATA / USB 3.0 connection, 100 cm. eSATA cable (AAESATA100C), 1M USB 3.0 male A - male A cable (AAU3AA3F), user guide.
Price: 45.00
PU25EU3-M (Micro SATA drive READER with eSATA/USB3)
Content: Pocket UDD25 with eSATA / USB 3.0 connection, 1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA HDD adapter (AD18M25S), 100 cm. eSATA cable (AAESATA100C), 1M USB 3.0 male A - male A cable (AAU3AA3F), user guide
Price: 45.00